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End of the Road.

Hello Caal members,

Unfortunately Caal has suffered a big decline in active pilots and has become a very much redundant VA. Nate and his staff team have worked hard on trying to bring the VA back to life but without success. Nate has informed me today that he has tried everything but the VA has just not come back to life. 
With this being the situation it has been decided after nearly six years of life to cease operations. The VA will close on the 14th May 2017 and will be assigned to the history books. This will give you all a chance to transfer your hours to new Va's. After this date the website will close and we will all be in retirement from Caal.
This is a sad day and I would like to thank you all for your dedication to the VA that was in its prime a very active and enjoyable VA to be part of. A lot of friendships have been made thanks to Caal and I will always remember it with great fondness. This post will remain open for any comments you wish to make.
As Caal president I now take full control of the VA until closure and all staff have now been stood down. I wish you all great success with your virtual flying with whoever you decide to fly with in the future. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Posted By: Alan Cooke

News Id: 235 posted on 2017-04-28 20:50:14
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