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Caal Airways Virtual came into existance on the 20/8/11 and has its main hub in Belfast Aldergrove N Ireland. Our callsign is CLOVER. The VA has Hubs in the Uk, Ireland and one in the USA. We have a dedicated staff team who ensure that the VA runs smoothly.

We are very proud of our connection with Vatsim in that we are an Official Partner and a recognised ATO. It is not compulsory to fly online although we do encourage it, but it is totally up to you.

Caal Airways is for fun and enjoyment for everyone who enjoys flight sim and can be as real life as you want. We are not bound by alot of rules and regulations all we ask is that you file a pirep within 90 days. Feel free to browse the website and register if you think it is for you.

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NIR267G EGPF ELLX Nathan Kukene B737-800 G-CAAC 1.45 Hours

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NIR103NKIAHKBOS03.05James Barrens-161 ft/m Accepted
NIR110NKAUSKIAH00.31James Barrens-140 ft/m Accepted
NIR267GGEGPFELLX0.50Nathan Kukene Not Recorded Accepted
NIR208GEGLCLFPG00.42Richard Johnson-311 ft/m Accepted
NIR109NKIAHKAUS00.37James Barrens-266 ft/m Accepted